• Violin based on the model of Guarneri del Gesù´s 'Kochánski' anno 1741

    Anniversary violin just finished and sold on the following day!!!


  • Violine Modell Guarneri del Gesù anno 1743 'Sauret' V

    "I won´t give this instrument back"!

    Heinz Haunold, former concertmaster of the Brucknerorchester Linz, and now enthusiastic owner of an Alexander Schütz violin!


  • Amati Viola

    "Facelifting" - restoration of an Amati viola


  • Feine italienische Violine!

    „Hi Alex, what can I say other than this is the very best restoration I've seen in a long time!"

    Peter Biddulph, expert from London, after I finished an extensive restoration of a fine Italian violin around 1700 that he entrusted me with.

  • A violin for the concert master!

    A violin for the concert master!

    I just finished my latest violin.
    It was ordered by Lui Chan,
    concert master of the Brucknerorchester Linz, and is an
    exact copy of his beautiful Enrico Giuseppe Rocca violin.
    You can find further information and some pictures
    of this special instrument in the Master Instruments gallery.

    To the gallery!

  • Travelling documents for instruments

    Documents for travelling with your instrument?

    Depending on the materials on your instrument or bow a Declaration of Materials is recommended for travelling internationally.

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Alexander Schütz – Master Violin Maker

In my studio in Linz, Austria, the needs of musicians and their instruments are my top priority. Specialising in string instruments and bows, I am dedicated to the making of new instruments, restoration and repair.

For all questions concerning violins, violas, violoncelli, double basses and their bows I can give advice backed up by 20 years of professional experience.

The quality of the sound and the calibre of the workmanship are my prime concerns when I am entrusted with a string instrument or bow. Perfection of workmanship and the love of my profession motivate me and inspire my clients.

My Service

  • I am your professional advisor concerning your instrument
  • Highest quality standards
  • Professional consultation
  • Making of violins, violas, violoncelli
  • Lifelong guarantee on my self-made instruments
  • Tonal adjustment of instruments together with the musician and according to the musician’s wishes
  • Restoration of instruments
  • Repair of instruments and bows
  • Service of instruments and bows
  • Dealing in instruments and bows
  • Dealing in accesories
  • Rental instruments and bows
  • Purchase of instruments and bows
  • Certificates and valuations, valuations for insurance purposes
  • Instrument passports and declarations of materials for travelling internationally
  • Exchange guarantee – when upgrading to a more expensive instrument the purchase price of the instrument acquired from me before will be credited.

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