Student Instruments and Instrument Sets

If you or your child want to learn how to play a string instrument, you should trust in a high-quality, optimally adjusted student instrument. The joy of playing can much too easily be clouded by badly adjusted instruments of poor quality. For an amateur, the difference is difficult to recognise, therefore an instrument from the workshop of a master violin maker is always the better choice.

Student sets from my studio contain a high-quality string instrument, a bow, a case with shoulder straps (or a bag for violoncelli) and rosin. The only additional thing required for violins and violas is a shoulder rest.

Children’s instruments are available in smaller sizes from 1/16 to 3/4. Please contact me if you need help finding out the right size of instrument for your child. For a rough idea the size chart can help guide you.

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Instruments leaving my workshop are always optimally adjusted for sound as well as playability. Specifically, this means that the fingerboard is dressed perfectly, the string heights and widths at the upper saddle and the bridge have the correct measurements, the bridge has the right curve and fits perfectly, the soundpost fits and is placed in the optimum position, the pegs are doped, the finetuners allow easy tuning and the finetuner-tailpiece is in the right position. The e-string notch of the bridge is covered with parchment which is tonally better than string tubing. It goes without saying that all instruments are equipped with strings of a high-quality brand. If the universal chin rest doesn’t fit, a suitable alternative chin rest will be attached.

Renting an Instrument - ZERO Risk

Especially when children first start playing an instrument, it is difficult to predict if and for how long they will enjoy it. To help my customers find out, I offer student instruments sets available to rent. The size of the instrument grows with the child – when a bigger size is needed, the instrument set can be exchanged without any extra cost. If the instrument is not required anymore, the contract can be cancelled at any time by returning the instrument set and any prepaid rent will be refunded proportionally..

If, at a later point, you do decide to buy an instrument, the rental costs (up to a maximum of 6 months) will be credited against the cost of purchase. So you can simply rent an instrument to start with, and buy one after 6 months without any financial risk. You will then have rented an instrument for 6 months FOR FREE and you will have the confidence that you or your child really enjoy playing a string instrument!

Buying an Instrument – All Mine!

With full-size instruments or when renting for a longer time period, a purchase can make more financial sense than renting. If after some time a larger-sized or better instrument is needed, the purchase price of the first instrument (minus a new set of strings and a bow rehair) can be credited towards a bigger or better instrument.

Sometimes a student’s enthusiasm evaporates and the instrument is no longer played. In this case, I can sell the instrument on to other musicians, charging a 20% commission fee, and deducting the cost of a new set of strings, and in the case of an instrument set a new bow rehair, from the original purchase price.

In Case Something Happens…

It is natural that minor damage may occur when children play a string instrument. Please contact your insurance agent in advance for information on whether either the instrument or the whole instrument set can be included in your household insurance. The Oberösterreichische Versicherung offer an insurance that costs €30 annually for student instruments and can be bought online or in person in my workshop.

Size Chart for stringed instruments

The bow length measurement is always WITHOUT the screw!
Size Age in
Arm length
in mm
Body length
in mm
Overall length
in mm
Bow length
in mm
1/16 3-5 350-430 230 380 433
1/8 4-6 430-445 255 425 493
1/4 5-7 445-500 280 460 553
1/2 6-8 500-560 320 520 613
3/4 7-10 560-600 335 560 673
4/4 9+ 600+ 360 590 733

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