Sound Adjustment and Sound Improvement

String instruments are alive – their sound can change due to external factors (e.g. changes in humidity or temperature, damage to the instrument, etc.) and due to natural ageing, wear and tear, poor maintenance, or minimal changes to the set-up. Whenever you notice a difference in the sound quality of your instrument, a sound adjustment is recommended.

The sound of an instrument is influenced by a lot of different factors. Some issues can be resolved by minor corrections to the set-up, others may require more extensive changes to the instrument

A lot of musicians play on poorly adjusted instruments for years, not being aware of this fact. There is always a big surprise after a sound improvement has been made: “If only I had known this before, I would have come for a sound adjustment much sooner!”

Musicians from all over the world value my sound adjustments. By making various reversible changes to an instrument, it is possible to alter the sound characteristics in a great many ways. These changes are carried out according to the wishes of, and in collaboration with the artist.

Depending on the condition of the instrument and the desired sound improvement required this process can take some time – hence it is necessary to make an appointment!

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