Rent an Instrument

When you start learning a string instrument, or when you are going to an audition or entrance exam and the necessary funds for the purchase of a master instrument are missing, renting an instrument is a good alternative to buying. Like all instruments in my workshop, rental instruments are tonally and technically optimally adjusted before they are handed over to a musician.

Student instruments can, in principle, be rented for an indefinite period of time. Master instruments, for exams or auditions, are usually only available temporarily and must be picked up in person.

How it works

Student instruments (small sizes) can be picked up from the workshop or they can be shipped to your address. In both cases, the signing of a rental contract is required. The cost is €25 per month for violin sets smaller than 4/4, or 2.5% of the value of all other instruments. The student instrument sets comprise of the instrument, a bow, rosin, and an instrument case with shoulder straps or an instrument bag for violoncelli.

I recommend insuring the instrument, or including it in your household insurance if possible. I can gladly assist you with the insurance. Insurance is mandatory when renting a master instrument.

If a larger-sized student instrument is necessary the whole instrument set will be exchanged, with the rental price remaining the same. Should you decide to buy the rented instrument or another instrument, the last six months' rent will be credited towards the purchase price. In case you no longer need an instrument part way through a rental period, just return the instrument and any prepaid rent will be refunded.

Not included in the rental cost are:

  • Insurance
  • Repair of damages caused while renting
  • New strings and bow rehairs during the rental period
  • Shoulder rest for violin and viola sets
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Make an appointment

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