In my studio there are a wide variety of bows across different price ranges. You will find bows suitable for students made from wood and carbon fibre, as well as German-, French- and English historical and modern master bows appealing to professionals and collectors.

The influence of a bow on the sound of an instrument is something that is very often underestimated by non-professional players. For professional musicians however, this fact goes without saying. The musician, the instrument and the bow form a unity. A bow has to harmonize with both the player and the instrument in order to reach full tonal potential.

So when selecting a bow, attention must be paid to the fact that it matches the artist as well as the instrument. You can try out different bows with your instrument in order to find out which bow optimally harmonizes with you and your instrument. Feel free to bring a fellow musician or your teacher with you to get a second opinion. When you have made a selection you can test a bow at home for a couple of days before you decide to buy it.

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Wood or Carbon Fibre - Traditional or Modern?

For students, I offer both wooden bows and bows made from carbon fibre. Carbon fibre bows have a very good price/performance ratio. Their playing qualities are mostly superior to similarly priced wooden bows. The robustness of carbon fibre bows is another big advantage, especially for very young musicians..

When it comes to bows for professional musicians, the playing qualities and sound qualities of a wooden bow are mostly superior to that of a carbon fibre bow.

Tips concerning Bows

It is very important to untighten the bow every time after playing and to remove sweat and rosin dust with a soft microfibre cloth. Use as little colophony as possible and only as much as is necessary. Never touch the bow hair with your skin. Bring your bow for a check up once a year.

Arcus Carbon Fibre Bows

Arcus carbon fibre bows are an exception however! These high-quality, carbon fibre bows are made in Germany following a very special manufacturing process and they are played by professional musicians all over the world. Quite aside from their excellent playing characteristics, they are ergonomically designed, and Arcus offer a 30-year warranty on their bow sticks. As such, they are a good alternative to very expensive wooden bows. Bear in mind however, that a bow made from carbon fibre must also match both the musician and the instrument.

In my studio there is always a large selection of these extraordinary bows for you to try.

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