Violin based on the model of the ‘Kochanski’ Guarneri del Gesu anno 1741 III

This is my anniversary violin - the 50th instrument that I made!

According to my friend Peter Biddulph from London the original ‘Kochánski’ del Gesu has a tremendous sound.

This violin should have been played in the first concert of the Brucknerorchester after the Corona-break in the music theatre in Linz on Juli 1st, 2020. Unfortunately due to a rise in corona infections in Linz this concert was cancelled on a short term.

Below you will find two photos from the final reheareal showing the two concert masters Lui Chan with my copy of his Giuseppe Enrico Rocca and Tomasz Liebig with my anniversary violin.

It is again made from my stock of wood that has been dried for about 100 years!

The top is a beautiful hazeled spruce and the deeply and wildly flamed one piece back is very attractive.

The beauty of this exceptionally rare and old wood is enhanced by my self-cooked oil varnish.

On top of that and following its famous idol this instrument has a tremendous sound!

This violin was only played in for a week and was sold again the following day!

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