String Instruments – Violins, Violas, Violoncelli

In my studio there is a wide variety of high-quality string instruments (violins, violas, violoncelli) across different price ranges. My stock represents the whole spectrum  from student instruments right up to top-notch instruments for professional musicians and rare collector’s items.

Here you will find both old and new instruments from well-known violin makers. All instruments on offer in my studio are tonally and technically optimised by myself; a service you can only expect to find in a master violin maker’s workshop.

All instruments in my workshop must meet my strict quality standards. From the musician’s point of view this means that I offer an exclusive choice of tonally and technically optimised top-quality instruments. A visit to my workshop is always well worth the time.


If you decide to buy a high-quality string instrument from my workshop, you will of course want to enjoy it for a long time. In addition to a regular service in my workshop, the correct care of the instrument is essential. This means:
  • Wash your hands before playing.
  • Every time after playing, colophony dust and sweat must be removed from the instrument and bow with a soft micro-fibre cloth.
  • Do not use any of the various, commercially available cleaning agents. Most of them contain a certain amount of oil which can penetrate into open glue spots or hairline cracks, complicating repairs a great deal. In addition, damage could be caused to the varnish, depending what type has been used.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Store the instrument in its case, in a suitable place with stable humidity (40- 60%).
  • When changing strings always dope the pegs and grease the notches of upper saddle and bridge with dry soap or graphite.
  • Bring your instrument and bow for a regular check up once a year.