Certificates and Valuations

This can be a demanding task, requiring enough time to conduct research, make comparisons with reference instruments, and check databases of taxes and sales results. An instrument or bow must therefore be available for sufficient time to allow thorough examination.

Certificates and valuations will only be made for the owner of an instrument or bow.

Bring your instrument or bow along with any existing old appraisals, invoices, and other written documents that concern it.

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Different Types of Valuation are available

Valuations with Photos

Valuations include a detailed description of the instrument or bow, the wording of the label, information about the maker (if possible), place of origin, age, condition, measurements, photos from different viewpoints, and the current market value.

Verbal Valuations

If you do not need a written valuation for your instrument or bow, then a verbal valuation is a cost-effective alternative.

Valuations for Insurance Purposes

Insurers usually require an official appraisal of value in order to insure a musical instrument or bow.

Updating Valuations for Insurance Purposes

Due to the increase in the value of more expensive stringed instruments and their bows, regular adjustment of the insurance value is recommended, so that in case of damage the instrument or bow is not underinsured.

Valuation in Case of Damage

In case of damage, the insurance company usually requires a written report detailing the extent of the damage and an estimate of the repair costs. We recommend waiting for confirmation that the insurer will cover repair costs, before any repairs are carried out.

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